Learning Disabilities – Don’t miss out on the very best healthcare

Don’t miss out on getting the very best healthcare. If you have a learning disability you can get extra support when visiting the doctor.

To get extra support and the very best healthcare you need to be on the learning disability register. Ask the receptionist at our surgery if you are on the register. If you are not on the register then ask for an appointment with your doctor. At the appointment tell your doctor you have a learning disability and would like to be added to the register.

Once you are on the register, ask your doctor if you can have a free health check every year. During this check your doctor will take a closer look at how you are doing – making sure you are healthy and stay healthy.

Your doctor can also talk to you about your Summary Care Record which is a short summary of your GP medical records. With your permission, other health and care staff can access your Summary Care Record so they know about the medicines you take and any allergies. This includes people who treat you in an emergency and in routine scheduled care (such as hospital appointments). Tell your doctor they can add more information to your record so you don’t miss out.

nhs free health check leaflet